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Sweetheart Portraits

How about something more exciting than chocolate for a Valentine gift?

Sweetheart portraits...perfect gifts for your loved ones. There are so many portrait possibilities; photos of you with your sweetheart, you alone, your family, your child, your pet, or any combination of options. This is a gift, unlike chocolate and roses that keeps on giving for years… generations. Fine art images for your wall, a framed photo for the desk, photo books with all your favorites, all make great gifts for loved ones and are a gift for you as well. Gifts of love for the ones you love the best.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and the chance of less than perfect weather for scenic outdoor portraits, an ideal gift might be a gift certificate for a future appointment. I am happy to work with you to choose your perfect day, time and location.

It's all about the emotion! My favorite part about what I do is capturing the emotion, the look of love and providing a lasting treasure that bring smiles again and again.


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