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Love what you do, do what you love!

Typically I do just that, and I love what I do! If I am not busy covering a wedding or entertaining children during a fun family portrait I can always indulge my creativity with a walk in nature, camera in hand. Living in the forest, I can usually spot a beautiful deer, cute squirrel, or lovely landscape to satisfy my craving to capture beauty. Our deep green forest comes alive with bright sparkling snow, perfect for pretty pictures, but rain is another story, not my favorite photo-op.

Winter puts a damper, quite literally, on outdoor scenic photography. Seasons are a little new to me but I am adjusting. Not many people plan winter weddings or on location scenic portraits, some of my favorite things. A little escape to the lovely but chilly Bay Area coastline provides some welcome creative photo time. Ocean, water, wind and waves are always fun to photograph.

I have plenty of studio portrait experience, but I have to admit, it’s not my favorite thing. I love to be outside! Although I find it difficult to stay inside and sit still I am taking advantage of rainy-day downtime, preparing for new and exciting spring and summer weddings and events and a brand new addition to the business.

Accepting the seasons with all the change and color they bring, also means embracing quiet time to spend planning new and exciting adventures. We are about to embark on a new venture, Enchanted Forest Weddings! Plans include all inclusive, stress-free, joyful weddings hosted on our little corner of this lovely serene forest. I will post updates as plans unfold.

I look forward to sunshine and spring colors! My plan is to do more of what I love, create enchanting memories!

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