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Welcome to the world baby Demi

It’s an honor, a privilege and a joy to photograph and share some of the first precious moments of a brand new little life. This new little person, tiny and delicate, exceptionally beautiful, precious and perfect has an extra special place my heart. I am thrilled to say baby Demi is the newest member of my family, my sweet little granddaughter.

I love photographing babies, sleeping, waking, crying, all those amazing moments. I want to hold on to every tiny instant. Precious little ones grow and change overnight.

I spent a few weeks with baby Demi, and her adorable big brother, and of course her exhausted mom and dad. I had lots and lots of time to observe her lovely moments, but because I am family those moments were not always perfect portrait opportunities. Grabbing my camera between diaper changes, rocking and consoling and letting mommy and daddy sleep was a bit of a balancing act. Hoping for a photo session I might get a brief 3 minutes or so of content baby then a shrill, hungry-baby cry, a few diaper changes a little patting, rocking and walking. My photographer passion was ready for any brief priceless moment I could manage while my heart was filled with love for this little one.

My moto when photographing babies is always, “play it by baby”. Plenty of time should be set aside. Babies are always unpredictable. Patience is a requirement. Sometimes 15 minutes is perfect and all those cute little memories can be captured quickly. More often though, the moments come in tiny 2 or 3 minute stretches, broken up by diapers, feeding and calming. Those precious sleepy moments, perfect for photos of sweet little swaddled bundles with lovely little rosy cheeks, might not last long either. Cute little outfit changes may come at the price a wide-awake, red-faced unhappy baby. I have a few hints to help plan your baby outfits wisely and make your photo session as easy as possible. Keep outfits soft and simple or few clothes at all, have loads of patience and keep the room nice and warm.

Lots of time, patience and love of babies is required for any newborn baby photo session, especially when the baby is yours or family. When an energetic little 5-year-old is added to the mix you just have to take the time to reassure a him that his new big brother status is a wonderful thing. The look on his face when he held his new little sister for the first time was incomparable! That’s what photography is all about!

I had lots of time, many moments to watch, observe, and take an occasional photo, what a wonderful opportunity to get to know and welcome baby Demi to the world!

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