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It’s engagement season...romance is in the air

This is the season for romantic evenings by the fireplace, cuddling up to your sweetheart and maybe even a surprise, a ring and that question! It could be a impulsive moment or a well-orchestrated surprise.

Whether it's a ring and a bottle of champagne while on a hike, or an elaborate and expensive event, a proposal or engagement portrait can capture those emotional moments. What a perfect time for epic environmental images of the happy couple with joyful and romantic portraits.

I have had the honor to capture momentous occasions, when the nervous boyfriend, open ring box in hand drops to his knee, and he always does, pops the question and waits, breathless for his answer. On one occasion, I ducked behind a huge Buddha statue. I was there to capture that emotional event, and fortunately to experience the happy, startled answer, yes! What followed was true ecstatic, lovely photos. What a fun opportunity to create lasting memories!

Another love-struck guy with amazing planning skills, orchestrated a complete crew of accomplices. I was excited to be part of that entourage which included, a jeep driver who took the couple to a secluded location, myself, camera ready, hiding behind a tree, and a musician who magically appeared, strolling, singing and playing a romantic song. The clueless bride-to-be was skeptical at first but she cried happy tears when her boyfriend fell to his knee and the little black box appeared.

Yet another amazing surprise, coordinated by a hopeful fellow, included a boat ride to a private beach where a chef and staff waited to serve the couple a gourmet private dinner, accompanied by a huge diamond ring.

Simple and sweet or elaborate and expensive, surprise or planned by bride and groom to-be, engagement portraits will capture the fun, playful and blissfully happy moments. The love in the air is electric, the emotions sweet, intense, funny and intimate, all perfect for memorable portraits.

Congratulations! I’d love to be there for your most important moments!

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