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Seven tips for a perfect family portrait experience

Just the two of you, or a family of 15, a portrait session can be easy and fun! Really! Here are a few tips to get you on your way to a successful session.

❖ Enjoy your day! That is the most important thing you can do. I want you to have fun and we want real smiles. We want everyone, even little Bobby to leave with a smile on his face, and look forward to next time. Never, ever do we want to hear the dreaded words, “he doesn’t like having his picture taken”. It should be a fun experience!

How can that be? First, let me assure you, I keep the mood light, then I look for all the moments, happy, sad, mad, funny, silly and serene so you can relax and be yourselves. Real faces, real emotions are more priceless than any awkward posed smile. Let your family’s magic shine through.

❖ Time. Allow more time than you think you will need, not too rushed, not too much pressure. Especially important with children is to allow enough time to allow for breaks. If they are headed for a meltdown I am happy to stop for a snack or play break. No hurry, no stress.

❖ Information. Share your concerns, your questions and any important details so I can address your concerns and you can have a relaxed day. For example, if your beautiful little daughter has a fear of spiders, we will do our best to avoid any and all spiders, or if your adventurous son just threw his knee out skateboarding, we can choose an easy but still beautiful location. Feel free to share any information so I can ! I love to know what is most important to you. Trust us, relax.

❖ Delegate. A little responsibility is a wonderful distraction for a camera-shy family member and can be a big help for Mom and Dad too. Everyone, even your four-year-old, likes to be included in the event. For example, we can give your little one the job of holding on to his favorite teddy so Teddy can get his picture taken too. The result is we have created great distraction and a lovely, meaningful photo.

❖ Attire. Be yourselves, be comfortable, wear what makes you happy. You don't need to be overly concerned about everyone matching, instead try to think of colors and patterns that blend well together. For a beautiful, timeless look neutral shades and muted tones always photograph well, but there are endless exceptions so make your clothing choices based on your own unique style.

❖ Best Time of day. I’m happy to plan your portrait experience around your child’s schedule, especially important for little ones but I do prefer mornings, afternoon and early evening for the best lighting. Morning light is beautiful and afternoon sun, right up until our glorious mountain or lake sunset is always spectacular.

❖ Kids. We love kids and are very patient. Bring snacks and smiles. Laughter is always welcome! Kids should be kids. I welcome a little running, jumping, silly play. Never will you hear us say “sit still and smile”! Real smiles, emotions, moments are the best!

❖ Have fun... Happy faces are the best!

Perfect family portraits are perfect gifts, for you and your loved ones. It

Your job to relax and have fun and my job to capture your natural and authentic magic.

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